How often do you stop to ask why your company’s content is being created?

What about how you’re creating it and who it is for?

And what about what you want this audience to think, feel and do?

It’s not easy to keep these questions top of mind, if you’re under constant pressure to commission, approve and distribute quality marketing content. That can feel like a treadmill.

It helps to step off it every now and then to look at the bigger picture.

Here are three quick points to help you do that.

1. Be realistic about content marketing capacity

Do you have a chaotic content schedule? If you’ve reviewed recent work and noticed too many repurposed ideas or ‘tumbleweed posts’ with little engagement or impact, it’s time for a change. Focus on quality over quantity, by investing more in fewer ideas, well-executed.

2. Be picky about distributing content

It’s understandable when startups and SMEs want to produce content on every channel, in every possible format. Podcasts, LinkedIn Stories Instagram Stories. Just because it’s an option doesn’t mean you should do it. Invest time, experience and energy in a content format or channel, only if it’s backed by a clear need from your audience. Only if it’s where that audience lives.

3. Resource content marketing goals

What about those exciting plans for a new content project? Be sure your company has the capacity to deliver it. Do they have the skillset and experience to produce that properly? Will they be given professional development opportunities if they don’t? Consider how you’re going to build that into your marketing budget and project workflow for the year ahead.